We, the MountainKraft team, are fortunate to live in a small town surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape. Green meadows, swimming lakes, a river, and a magnificent mountain landscape are just a few minutes from the city center. The population is considered the most athletic in the nation. No wonder that the team members of MountainKraft are also into running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, climbing, paragliding, sailing, etc.

We consciously move in nature and live environmental protection and sustainability. This applies not only to sports activities but is an integral part of our entire life. Even everyday errands and the way to work are mostly done on foot, by bike, or with public transport. Of course, we also do not leave any trash in nature. A respectful approach to nature and its resources can now be lived more than ever without having to forego comfort and technological achievements. And if this is not yet possible in some aspects, then it is up to us as a society to come up with or develop a sustainable solution.

These ecological approaches must be expanded to include aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as sustainable economic activity cannot be realized without social responsibility.

Under these premises, we also want to shape our economic development and use all the possibilities available to us for the greatest possible nature & environmental protection through sustainable procedures and methods and CSR approaches. These include in particular:

  • Using sustainable, preferably natural materials for the production of goods,
  • Producing in a resource-efficient manner,
  • Producing and transporting in an energy-saving manner, for example, by short transport routes or choosing an energy-efficient blockchain, and finally
  • Promoting regional craft & artisan production in small manufactories to preserve local talents and their know-how.

We are MountainKraft

Kraftlackl Wolfgang
The basic idea for MountainKraft grew on his own turf (be careful, this will be important!). He has a law degree, spent many years as a lobbyist, and has been coaching entrepreneurs and startups in economic and legal matters for 7 years. As Head of Strategy at MountainKraft, he thinks about the future but also gets his hands dirty if he thinks he can really do it better. In fact, he carved all the physical MOAIs of the first collections himself.

His carving skills are purely genetic, as his great-grandfather Franzl left him a whole woodworking shop with cool old tools. When he’s not busy, he’s either out on one of his 4 bikes, collecting natural artifacts on his mountain pasture, or making the seas unsafe as the ‘Pirate of the Adriatic Sea’.

Kraftlackl Raphael
Our Technical Hero for 2D & 3D graphics, blockchain & token economics, NFTs, and software development.

He built the MountainKraft World and is our ‘Artist of Code’ for all things digital. No wonder, considering he has over 20 years of experience as a software developer.

Privately, he really rocks out as the lead singer of his stoner-glam rock band. But that’s only when he’s at home, because it’s quite possible he’s off traveling as a digital nomad in Lisbon or Bangkok. We don’t know!

Kraftlackl Michael
Michael Monsignore handles Marketing & Communications. He’s our ‘Gschichtldrucker’ or in modern terms, a ‘Storyteller’. He nails our wild fantasies and does it so skillfully that even we believe him.

As a top-heavy communicator, he practically co-invented Discord, as without his constant stream of content, the channel would be half empty. Playing with LLMs (Large Language Models) and other AI tools is among his newer hobbies. Marketing is in his blood, and he has been following this calling for over 15 years. High-ranking politicians and international brands have let him put words in their mouths.

When he can tear himself away from work, he’s either hiking or biking in the mountains or out on his skates.