MountainKraft combines traditional craftsmanship with blockchain technology to create unique phygital art pieces.

Phygital products are items that exist both physically and digitally, often linked through NFTs to verify their authenticity.

You will be able to buy our NFTs on recognized platforms like OpenSea by connecting your cryptocurrency wallet.

A whitelist is a list of users who are granted early access to new NFT drops before the general public, usually providing the chance to purchase at a set price or with reduced fees.

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Yes, we use Ethereum, a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain which has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional Proof-of-Work systems.

Yes, with each NFT, you get the license to print your phygital artwork for personal use.

Due to the nature of digital goods, all NFT sales are final. However, you may resell them on the secondary market.

Each NFT is minted with unique identifiers on the blockchain and each Moai figure comes with a NFC tag, ensuring its authenticity and ownership.

Absolutely! We’re continuously crafting new collections. Follow us on social media to stay informed about upcoming drops.