MountainKraft – We Phygitalize Nature!

MountainKraft – We Phygitalize Nature!

Welcome to the world of MountainKraft!

What are phygital products?

The term “phygital” originally comes from the world of marketing and describes a fusion of physical and digital aspects. “Phygital” is understood as a bridge between the analog and digital world. A simple example is a company that sells products in a physical store and an online store. In the gaming sector, Pokémon Go is an example that offers players a digital experience and at the same time an activity in the real world. However, most phygital products are currently found in the fashion sector.

Many major brands are experimenting with NFTs, including Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Adidas, Nike, as well as countless smaller brands that have recognized the potential of phygital products. After all, digital clothing can be used in social media and Web3/Metaverse to dress one’s avatar appropriately [1].

With NFT technology, a door has opened to a completely new creation of products, the “phygital products,” which exist both digitally and in reality. Phygital products combine the advantages of both worlds. A real product can be touched, used, and if desired, even eaten or destroyed. A digital product can be used in gaming worlds, Web3, and Metaverse, but more importantly, it offers an absolutely forgery-proof proof of ownership that NFTs provide. Product piracy and counterfeiting can thus be combated.

Traditional (Art) Craftsmanship and New Technologies

The connection of traditional (art) craftsmanship and new technologies is not a contradiction.

Even if the latest technologies may initially find their way into “more modern” areas of application, no entrepreneur in an industry that produces using traditional methods can ignore new technologies. However, it is always the individual responsibility of the actors to be interested in and use new technologies.

To develop this awareness, one only needs an interest in new things. The next step, the use of new technologies, is much more difficult. Often there are technical, temporal, organizational, or financial hurdles, and the question arises to what extent the individual can master this challenge. Imagine a carpenter or potter who wants to put his handmade unique piece on the blockchain. To do this currently, he needs a degree in computer science or disproportionate perseverance.

This is where MountainKraft comes in, where we pursue several goals at the same time. First, we must be economically successful ourselves to be able to afford a service for the community at all. Beyond that, we want to create a connection between the analog and digital worlds and make this connection mass-compatible. That means, in principle, everyone should have access to new technologies. To achieve this goal, entry barriers must be maximally reduced.

MountainKraft, therefore, wants to create a platform that dissolves barriers in the connection between the analog and digital worlds.

– Wolfgang

MountainKraft creates phygital products, focusing on art and craft products. It always starts with a real product created by real people, which is then 3D scanned, and this 3D scan finally becomes the digital NFT as the main product.

The main product is the digitized twin of a physical product. However, the physical product is indispensable as the original product.