If the phygital products have already been technically and organizationally prepared by the external third-party provider in order to be able to publish them on the MountainKraft platform, MountainKraft will check whether these requirements are met and whether the phygital products comply with the basics and the mission of MountainKraft. If so, a distribution agreement is concluded with the external third-party provider.

If the external third-party provider offers MountainKraft physical products that are basically suitable for phygitalization and correspond to the basics and mission of MountainKraft, MountainKraft can support the external third-party provider in phygitalization. In this case, a cooperation agreement is concluded in which the rights and obligations of both contracting parties are regulated. Important points concern in particular:

1. verification and guarantee of the reliability of the external third party supplier that he can actually deliver what he promises.

2. actual transfer of the physical products to MountainKraft’s domain (transportation to MountainKraft’s warehouse or exclusive access to an external warehouse).

3. quality control of the physical products by MountainKraft before phygitalization takes place.

4. phygitalization by MountainKraft (also by cooperation partners).

5. fair definition of the copyrights of the external third-party provider and MountainKraft.

6. determination of the compensation for the time, technical and organizational effort of MountainKraft for phygitalization, NFT generation, marketing, distribution and aftercare of the contributed collection.

7. roadmap from the time of conclusion of the contract to the publication of the collection and the planned follow-up support.