Ridiculous Founding Myths

Ridiculous Founding Myths

Forget about the garage or whatever!

Pure nature, rugged mountains, alpine pastures with the most beautiful flower meadows, super clean air, and eagles circling above us. The simplicity of alpine life with a wood stove for heating and cooking, and the obligatory pit toilet on the balcony for general relief. With our bare hands, we wrest from the sparse mountain landscape what we need to survive, and we use summer thunderstorms as a natural shower.

It’s during thunderstorms that one feels the primal forces most intensely. In the middle of a storm cell, when the air starts crackling with electricity just before a nearby lightning strike and your hair stands on end, we enjoy the most eerily beautiful moments. Then comes the big bang with thunder and lightning so powerful that the beer bottles shake. Sure, we have an alpine pasture! Such a story can’t just be made up out of thin air.

However, our everyday work takes place during the winter on a small balcony in a small city apartment. Dreary. Just work. Grey on grey. At least there we dream of the approaching spring, the warming sun, and the day when we will head back to the alpine pasture. To be continued in summer 😉

alpine idyll in winter (Ziller Valley)
1,5 meter snow in front of the window