MountainKraft aims to become the world’s leading platform for phygital products in the field of (arts and) crafts. This cannot be achieved by its own efforts, because (art) craftsmanship means that a high proportion of products are created by hand. The few team members can only produce a very limited number of phygital products themselves, even if they were to work around the clock. It is therefore an integral part of MountainKraft’s strategy to involve external third parties as creators of phygital products and to ensure a constant supply of new collections. We are convinced that this approach will enable us to build MountainKraft into an enduring institution that will continue to exist long after the founding members have passed away.

What we did in 2023:

  • 100 MOAI figures and all attributes carved, measured, weighed, numbered and cataloged
  • Test script and on-chain test
  • 3D scan of all figures and attributes
  • NFC chips mounted on the MOAI
  • Test minting carried out
  • Website and social media created
  • Researched worldwide shipping options for physical products

What we have on our agenda for 2024:

  • Release of the 1st MOAI collection in Q1
  • A further collection is to follow each quarter